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About Breguet

Breguet isn’t a watch brand that pays celebrities and other well-known individuals to wear their timepieces. People choose the Breguet brand due to the luxury and value it offers. From Marie Antoinette to Napoleon Bonaparte to Vladimir Putin and even Winston Churchill – there are countless well-known figures who wear or have worn this brand. This is a watch brand with quite a bit of history and uniqueness. There are no two Breguet watches that are exactly the same because each one is handcrafted in Switzerland. While the watches are a household name in Russia, they are just recently catching on in other parts of the world.

History of Breguet

Founder of Breguet watches, Abraham-Louis Breguet, was born in Neuchatel, but he spent most of his productive, watchmaking years in Paris. Throughout his life he was interested in learning the inner workings of modern timepieces and then finding ways to improve on the designs. For years, the Breguet timepiece ruled the courts of Europe and some have called this brand the watch of the Royals.

What Makes Breguet Watches so Appealing?

With a proud cultural and historical heritage, along with avant-garde technology, the Breguet brand of timepieces has continued to stimulate genuine fascination thanks to its ongoing capacity for innovation. From the countless inventions by the founder – Abraham-Louis Breguet – to the tourbillion gong-spring – there is no question that this is a watch brand that has left its mark on watchmaking history and that is still a coveted brand today.

Why Should You Purchase Preowned Breguet Watches?

History, culture and amazing innovation – these are just a few of the reasons to buy Breguet watches. If you really want to find an amazing piece, consider a used Breguet watch. With a huge selection offered by WatchBox, you can’t go wrong with the pre-owned Breguet watches offered by this classic and timeless watch company.

Breguet Pricing Guide

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