About RM 011

For collectors who want something with more color and a touch of elegance, consider the Flyback Chronograph Dual Time Zone RM11-02 RG. The tonneau case is 18k rose gold and titanium, making it a durable yet casual piece. But, the presence of rose gold and exposed mechanics add a hint of elegance that isn’t always present with other watches. Like the NTPT, this RM11-02 sits on a black rubber strap and features complications such as date, dual time, and a flyback chronograph in addition to hours, minutes, and seconds.

An example of elegance blended with casual wear, the NTPT RM11-03 NTPT RM11-03 is a predominantly black timepiece with a carbon, textured case. It has the tonneau shape commonly seen with this brand and, like many other Richard Mille watches, sits on a rubber strap. The absence of a dial allows enthusiasts to see this watch’s black and grey mechanics while white, yellow, and hints of red add additional color.

RM 011 Pricing Guide