Watch 101

Watch Brand Pronunciation

If you’ve ever wondered how certain watch brand names are pronounced then this is the list for you. We’ve looked at some of the best-known brands and assembled a comprehensive list of watc'... Read More+

Watch Glossary

  Alarm A function on a watch that will make a sound or vibration at a preset time Altimeter An altimeter measures altitude, or height above sea level. Recording ascent and descent, an altimeter '... Read More+

Where Can I Sell My Watch?

Owners with one or more watches to sell often wonder, “Where can I sell my watch?” In this, the first of a two-part survey, the major marketplaces on eBay and chrono24 are reviewed and rated for o'... Read More+

The Best Way to Pack and Ship a Watch

When preparing to sell a watch, anything but an in-person deal will require secure, insured, and rapid shipment. The best way to pack and ship a watch revolves around comprehensive accessories, robust'... Read More+

Should I Consider A Luxury Watch Trade?

When a collector decides that the time has come to sell a watch, he should explore his options for trading watches. Asking, “Should I consider trading my watch?” should be a universal step in the '... Read More+

How To Prepare A Luxury Watch For Sale

So you want to know how to prepare a luxury watch for sale?'... Read More+

How to Determine Watch Condition

When selling a watch, it is natural to ask, “How do I determine the condition of my watch?” Previous installments of this series examined the process of researching pre-owned watch price ranges; t'... Read More+