Watch 101

Soaring To New Heights With The Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 “40 mm Lady.”

Soaring with the new Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 “40 mm Lady.”
  Zenith, which for decades has been the only watch brand allowed to place the word “Pilot” on a watch dial, is welcoming four versions of the first model devoted to women in its well-known '... Read More+

Two New: L.U.C Takes on New and Complicated Roles

Since its introduction as an integral member of Chopard’s family of watch products almost twenty years ago, the emblematic L.U.C has taken on various styles, shapes, and complications. The L.U.C'... Read More+

Hermès Thins Out: A Lean Typeface Graces A Slender Watch Collection

With this collection Hermès adds its own distinctive mark in the slim-watch sweepstakes. Among the thinnest of its type, measuring 9.04mm, the new Slim d’Hermès perpetual calendar, the premier pie'... Read More+

Motorsport series — Watches For Drivers

There are so many facets to the connection between watches and motorsport, and the automotive world in general, that it has provided us a plethora of paths to trod along. While we’ve already discuss'... Read More+

Watches Inspired by the Seasons

While many of our previous talking points have been somewhat direct regarding inspiration, there’s no denying that the moods, colors, and textures of the changing seasons can have an influence on wa'... Read More+

Inspired By: Architecture and Design

Though the connection is less prevalent than some of the other sources of inspiration we’ve discussed in this series, there’s a certain logic to there being parallels between architecture and watc'... Read More+

Watches Inspired by Sports

Starting from a need for accurate timing of events, the relationship between watches and sport has a significant history, and continues to evolve to this very day. As the years have gone on a number o'... Read More+