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Breitling Aerospace Evo: How To Use The Breitling Aerospace Luxury Watch User's Guide

Watchuwant is now WatchBox! Subscribe to our channels for the best luxury watch content. Have you ever wanted to get more out of your Breitling Aerospace, Breitling Aerospace Superquartz, Aerospace Evo, Breitling Emergency, or Breitling Emergency Superquartz? Join thewatchbox.com's Tim Mosso for a comprehensive overview of the functions, features, and controls that enable maximum enjoyment of this often misunderstood Breitling aviation watch. Many of the functional features and operating principals showcased in this video can be applied directly to all generations of the Breitling Emergency (Emergency Mission model excepted). This video user's guide to the Breitling Aerospace Evo (2013-present) highlights the following features of the Breitling caliber 79 thermocompensated "super" quartz chronometer: 1. Setting the primary time. 2. Cycling through the function screens. 3. Setting the second time zone. 4. Selecting the 12/24H format of the second time zone. 5. Selecting, starting, stopping, and resetting the chronograph. 6. Setting the alarm for the desired time of day. 7. Setting and activating the countdown timer with alarm. 8. Activating the NVG-compatible powered backlight. 9. Selecting analog or combined analog and digital time displays. 10. Activating and understanding the minute repeater. 11. Understanding the End of Life (EOL) low-battery indicator. 12. Selecting and setting the semi-perpetual calendar day display. 13. Selecting and setting the semi-perpetual calendar month/date. The video user's guide of this Breitling Aerospace Evo also includes a wrist shot and fit description, low-light images of the luminova and powered backlight, notes on bezel operation and water resistance. Video and content by Tim Mosso