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Breitling Old Navitimer II D13022 Luxury Watch Review The Big Three: Breitling Navitimer, Omega Speedmaster Professional, and Rolex Submariner. At the top of the mainstream Swiss luxury pile, these are the models that define their company identities and live in watch nut immortality. Of the three, the Breitling Navitimer was the first. Breitling claims an introductory date of 1952 for the original wristwatch "flight computer." The AOPA, a major pilots' association, claims to have specified the design and contracted Breitling to deliver the first units exclusively for AOPA members. This outstanding Breitling Old Navitimer II D13022 in stainless steel and 18-karat yellow gold is a romantic reminder of the halcyon days of mid-century aviation. Regardless of who gets "credit" for the legendary Navitimer, there's no denying that the it's one of the most original, inventive, and widely-recognized professional watches in history. Beloved of professional pilots for decades, today, the Breitling Navitimer is the longest-running continuously-produced chronograph model in the luxury watch industry. Generations of Breitling fans revere the Navitimer, and it's easy to see why. The highly-technical look is born of a combination chronograph and circular slide rule. The latter is a circular logarithmic scale that can be used as a calculator to multiply and divide. For good measure, Breitling engraves the solid caseback with a Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion scale for quick reference whether aloft or ground-bound. Pilots use this tool for quick calculation of speed, fuel consumption, and time to arrival, but it can be used for anything from calculating a dinner tip to currency conversion. And with a watch this attractive, your dinner companions may be looking in your direction when the time comes to pick up the tab… While it may look scary, it's actually a breeze to use; remember, this thing was designed for use by guys moving 500mph and flying through IMC weather patterns! Inside the Breitling Navitimer, a sturdy triple-register chronograph movement (Breitling Cal. 13, Valjoux 7750) keeps time and winds automatically. With the added convenience of a date feature (something the first AOPA Navitimer owners could only imagine), this could be a person's "one watch" that does it all. A “stop seconds” or hacking feature halts the balance (stops the seconds hand) in order to permit synchronization to a known accurate reference clock or co-pilot’s timepiece. And the 41.5mm case is both representative of history and wearable to average wrists. The first Ref. 806 Navitimer of 1952 was a 40mm unit, so this Old Navitimer II does an excellent job of hewing close to precedent. Moreover, the D13022 Old Navitimer II is a Breitling for *normal* adult male wrists. If you like the quality standards and history of Breitling but cannot fathom wearing the vault-like Breitlings or 43mm+ tool watches of the current model line, the Old Navitimer II is the perfect solution. See this Breitling Old Navitimer II Ref. D13022 in high resolution images on our website, It's the perfect combination of cool vintage vibe and modern luxury watchmaking refinement. Video and content by Tim Mosso.