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Global Watchmaking: More than “just” Swiss Made | WatchBox After Hours

The Swiss are recognized the world over as leaders in luxury watchmaking, delivering tradition, advanced technology, expertise, and prestige from Geneva to the Vallée de Joux, Neuchâtel, Schaffhausen, and all points in between. While many consider a “handcrafted, mechanical watch” to be synonymous with a “Swiss-made watch,” the mechanical watchmaking industry is not just limited to the confines of Switzerland. Welcome to the latest edition of WatchBox After Hours, dedicated to the global watchmaking industry. Join Brian Govberg, C’Quon Gottlieb, and Mike Manjos for a conversation about the broader – and often underappreciated – watchmaking scene, with a spotlight on Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Belgium, home to the incredibly innovative Ressence. This doesn’t mean that Swiss watches have fallen out of favor at all; there is just much to appreciate in technology, design, and finishing beyond the Swiss borders. Among the watches discussed today are the Grand Lange 1 “Lumen” from A. Lange & Söhne, a piece from Grand Seiko’s Four Seasons collection; SBGA415, which celebrates the “Deep Snow of Winter,” Ressence’s Tyle 1 Slim X Limited Edition, and the Endeavour Tourbillon Vantablack from H. Moser & Cie. Of course, a conversation about global watchmaking would not be complete without discussing “Swiss Made” watches, which according to law, only 60% of the watch must actually be made in Switzerland to be labeled as such. Enter H. Moser & Cie., who decided to forgo this label in 2017, feeling that the designation is somewhat devalued by brands who outsource 40% of their parts, yet still carry the same Swiss Made label. What do you think of this decision? Inquiring minds want to know…what is your favorite Swiss-made watch and your favorite non-Swiss watch? Comment below to join the conversation! Please Subscribe: View hundreds of hands-on luxury watch reviews at our WatchBox Reviews channel: Instagram: BUY WATCHES HERE: