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A Year With My Favorite Rolex Watch & Best Free Places To Visit In NYC - Explorer 114270

Today is a chockablock full episode on the Urban Gentry! Join me for a little tour of one of my favorite places in the amazing city of New York, and a sneak peek into how I keep my watches safe. I'm also excited to share my proudest achievements with the Urban Gentry channel this year, and my feelings towards the Explorer 114270 as it has been a year since I purchased it. I share my thoughts on why it has become not only my favorite Rolex, but quite possibly my favorite watch of all time. I would love to know what your favorite watch is, so please share in the comments below! To watch my video on the history of the Rolex Explorer, click here: Many of the items featured in my videos can be found on the official Urban Gentry Amazon shop, click here: Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. To get your watch or Gentry related questions answered and engage with some of the community beyond youtube, join us on Facebook: To follow the official Urban Gentry Instagram click here: To check out my Tumblr, click here: TGV's Tumblr: For the official Urban Gentry website, blog and online boutique, or to contact the Urban Gentry team, click here: