My Favourite Casio G-Shock, Doing The General Schwarzkopf & Mudman G9000MS-1 Military Concept Review

Today I look at a recent re-buy of an old favourite. Before some recently earned bucks expire I quickly pulled the trigger on a G-Shock Mudman. I recently was reminded of this particular model after a visit to a Casio G-Shock store in Las Vegas and being re-impressed by its stealth look and modest size. This G-Shock is military concept inspired in design, and although is rather dated technology wise compared by its successors, it boast some cool and unique features at a very affordable price. Lastly I discuss a new recent habit I acquired and what I refer as "doing the General Schwarzkopf" in which I wear two watches on each wrist as opposed to the "doing the Che Guevara" and wearing both on the same wrist. To order your own Red Rooster Nato straps and get 10% off your order using promo code "URBAN GENTRY" (make sure to include the space), please check out: For the BEST hand made Italian leather straps check out: