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Top 20 Best Watches Under $2000 - The Coolest Rolex Ever - 5 Things I Love & Hate About The Sinn 104

In this episode I share the results of a recent poll to see what the UGWC voted as the top 20 best watches from under $2000 (excluding used watches). I then discuss 5 things I love and 5 things I hate about the Sinn 104. Lastly I share an incredible story behind one of the coolest Rolex watches ever. To check out the full article on the Rolex watch and the story that inspired the Great Escape click here: For more information and to get your horological questions answered, join our UGWC community on the Facebook group: Instagram: TGV's Tumblr: To contact me please email: I do not use the messaging system on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Thank you.