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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Luxury Watch Review The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a legend and an icon. Long the only watch equally welcome poolside and trackside at the world's biggest races, the Daytona is redolent of 100-octane and testosterone. Since 1965, Rolex has sponsored the annual mid-winter 24-hour endurance race, and the company's legendary chronograph has been presented to the fortunate victors in each class. Also owned and worn by the likes of driver/actor Paul Newman and Sir Jackie Stewart, the Daytona enjoys a pedigree and history that is second to none. This Rolex Daytona in 18-karat white gold features Rolex's own blend of white gold, a unique product that will never fade or require replating like inferior white gold alloys commonly used in the luxury watch industry. This outstanding quality is achieved thanks to Rolex's control of the entire metallurgical process; the company is among the few watchmakers that owns and runs an in-house foundry. Moreover, Rolex has equipped each Cosmograph Daytona since 2000 with its own chronograph movement. Very few manufacturers are able to design and build an "in-house" (self-made) movement, and even fewer are able to construct an in-house chronograph. Rolex's Cal. 4130 is the industry benchmark. This Daytona combines Rolex white gold with a unique stabilized slate dial. The stone is leveled and brushed with a radial sunburst pattern. Its unique color and grain create a standout timepiece that is unique even among the rarefied ranks of Rolex Daytonas. Video and content by Tim Mosso.