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Hublot Big Bang Chukker Bang Luxury Watch Review If you want to win a polo match, it helps to have an ace on your team. Facundo Pieres of Argentina is an ace, and the Hublot Big Bang Chukker Bang is his signature watch. One of only 500 manufactured, the Big Bang Chukker Bang is a 44mm titanium tribute to the sport of kings and one of its marquee stars. While every Hublot Big Bang is a standout from the crowd, the Chukker Bang stands apart even from Hublot's glitterati catalog. This Hublot's singular feature is the unmistakable "grill" that shields the crystal from the blows. No other Big Bang or King Power will be confused with the "Chukker," and its robust construction is tailor-made for the most confident connoisseurs of extreme sports watches. Each two-hour polo match is divided into 7:30 periods called "chukkas," or "chukkers" in Anglicized nomenclature. The Hublot Big Bang Chukker Bang features a modified Hublot automatic caliber 1141 chronograph with polo-specific functionality. Hublot adds a one-touch "flyback" chronograph stop/start/restart mechanism, an accelerated 30-second chronograph seconds hand that makes two circuits of the dial per minute, and a subdial at nine o'clock that measures periods of 7:30 minute: one "Chukker." A date window and stop-seconds function complete the suite of complications. The case of each Hublot Big Bang Chukker Bang boldly expresses its mechanical essence; the addition of a titanium grille atop the ceramic bezel adds another layer of high-tech materials to the classic Hublot Big Bang machine-age physique. A case back in solid titanium is engraved with an image of Facundo Pieres atop his polo charger preparing to strike in the field of play. This limited-edition Hublot Big Bang Chukker Bang can be viewed in high-resolution images with full Hublot factory accessories on Video and content by Tim Mosso