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Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II 16710 "Coke Bezel" Luxury Watch Review This Rolex GMT-Master II "Coke" bezel owns a trifecta of "discontinued" collector-friendly distinctions; discontinued reference, discontinued bezel; discontinued tritium dial. But has an outstanding example ready for takeoff... Since 1954, the Rolex GMT-Master II has stood above the competition as *the* definitive pilot's watch. Even the Omega Speedmaster's domination of the "high ground" hasn't survived the GMT-Master's reach (yes, a Rolex 1675 has been to the Moon). So iconic is the GMT-Master series that collectors have coined endearing nicknames for the bezels themselves: "Pepsi," "Root Beer," and, of course, "Coke." During the 1980s, the GMT-Master benefitted from an evolutionary growth spurt that saw the long-static model (the 1675 ran from 1959-1981) accelerate through three separate generations in only seven years. The final 1988.5 model year GMT-Master II 16710 incorporated the best features of the preceding "transitional" 16750 (the first high-beat, quickset, 100m Rolex GMT) and the 16760 "Fat Lady" (the first sapphire crystal, dual-time GMT). Fortunately, the definitive Rolex GMT-Master 16710 was spared the acrylic crystal of the former and the rotund profile of the latter transitional model. As a modern Rolex GMT-Master in every sense, the 16710 allows its user to follow two separate time zones via the independent local and reference hour hands. Use the bezel to offset from the 24-hour hand, and three time zones can be referenced in a pinch. The sapphire crystal resolutely resists scratches, and the 100 meter water resistance ensures that this "pilot's watch" isn't afraid to get wet. Nevertheless, the Rolex GMT-Master II retains certain romantic elements of the vintage models. Compared to the 2005-present ceramic-bezel model, the 16710 wears lighter on the wrist and features finer lines that blend better with formal attire. And while we're on the topic of the 2005-present Rolex GMT-Master II, it's worth noting what else you *cannot* purchase with that watch; the 16710's "Coke" bezel and vintage tritium dial. See this Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II 16710 "Coke" bezel in high-resolution images on Video and content by Tim Mosso.