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About Romain Jerome

When it comes to odd timepieces made of metal from the Titanic and moon rocks, Romain Jerome has a monopoly on the style. The brand has created a huge series of vintage video game watches, that are high priced, but extremely desirable. While the company is still young, just over a decade old, it has successfully made a name for itself in this period.

History of Romain Jerome Watches

Originally founded in 2004, Romain Jerome has definitely made a huge impression on both critics and connoisseurs of luxury watches. Each of the watches produced by this brand features striking, bold designs, but the unique nature is really seen in the materials used for construction. The watch brand was able to grow in popularity while managed by Manual Emch, who spent over a decade building a new identity, philosophy and retail network to bring Jaquet Droz back to the map. After discovering that is efforts were not being met with success, he made the decision it was time to move on, leaving the group and beginning work with Romain Jerome. Best known for the creation of “The DNA of Famous Legends,” this is the concept that was actually brought to fruition by a famous Swiss watch designer, Yvan Arpa, who begin working with Romain Jerome in 2006. He was also responsible for the watch the brand is most known for and that is most sought after, the Titanic-DNA watch.

What Makes Romain Jerome Watches so Appealing?

Each of the watches created by this brand is designed around the notions of earth, air and the sea. These elements are clearly reflected in each of the watches designed and sold by this brand. The company easily makes of for a lack of history by implementing historical artifacts in their watch designs. The uniqueness of the Romain Jerome brand is one of the most appealing factors, drawing people in and keeping them hooked.

Why Buy Pre-Owned Romain Jerome Watches?

While Romain Jerome is a fairly new watch company, they offer watches that are highly sought-after. If you are considering purchasing one of these unique, luxury timepieces, consider buying a pre-owned version from WatchBox. Here you can find a huge array of preowned watches from Romain Jerome that offer the unique style you want.

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