“It’s About TIME” on the Sunset Strip

On the evening of Wednesday, November 19, the City of Angels became the latest major metro area to experience watchuwant.com’s “It’s About TIME” Watch Enthusiasts Get-Togethers.

Having visited Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C., “It’s About TIME” flew into town for its only west-coast swing of the 2014 inaugural season tour.


Company founder OJ Whatley led a team of sales associates Peter BellChris DiStefano, and David Salamanca to confront a tall order; impress the home town of Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, and Beverly Hills. Whatley and crew came prepared with a hand-curated collection of luxury watches valued in excess of $1,000,000.

With iconic brands such as Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, Patek Philippe, and Rolex represented in force, Whatley and watchuwant.com Horology Officer Tim Mosso brought a star-studded cast for IAT‘s west-coast premier.


It’s About TIME” rolled out the red carpet for Angelino watch enthusiasts at L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, one of LA’s top luxury hotels and hospitality destinations.

With gourmet food and marquee-worthy wine and spirits available free of charge, both luxury watch collectors and the luxury watch curious were able to view, handle, and wrist-fit the entire inventory of timepieces on hand.

Whatley his team engaged with a crowd of over 80 attendees than spanned a spectrum encompassing all fifteen years of watchuwant.com’s client relationships. Newcomers mingled with the company’s original clients in the intimate venue. “It’s About TIME‘s” luxury watch professionals provided hands-on access to the entire collection, and product specialist Mosso provided in-depth commentary, analysis, and advice to provide product insight to enthusiasts of all experience levels.


Treated to over 90 luxury watches and catered cuisine at one of the hippest locations in the Valley, many collectors opted to remain on hand for the entire two-and-one-half allotted hours and beyond.

Discussion of trends in the luxury watch sector, differences between east coast and west coast style preferences, and the dawning of mainstream U.S. consumer interest in the luxury watch as an essential accessory were topics that drew passionate opinions and lively debate.


“It’s About TIME” Get-Togethers for Watch Enthusiasts continued its emergence as a destination for discourse and shared enthusiasm among dedicated watch connoisseurs.

As the 2014 tour has made the major metro rounds, its reputation as a meeting place for knowledgeable aficionados has grown. Los Angeles became the the latest city to see attendees bring their private collections to discuss and display.


Highlights of the LA crowd-sourced collection included an immaculate black bezel Rolex GMT-Master reference 1675, a classic IWC-Porsche Design Ref. 3510 Compass Watch, and an exceptionally rare 1975 Rolex Oysterquartz-cased Ref. 1530 Date… factory built with an automatic chronometer movement.

In a collector community that thrills to the sound of the words “Rolex” and “Rarity,” the last of those timepieces was a certifiable event in itself.


Each metropolitan event on the inaugural “It’s About TIME” national tour has forged memories of good food, good times, and great company.

As OJ Whatley and the watchuwant.com event team wrap-up the only west coast adventure of the fall tour, 2014 opportunities to join the WuW crew are dwindling. watchuwant.com’s fall 2014 WuW Events calendar concludes its triumphant debut year with WuW’s home-turf event in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. on December 3.


WuW Events represent the ultimate crossroads of good times and the very finest timepieces.

To learn more about WuW Events, including how to book a WuW Event luxury watch exhibition for private engagements, please contact watchuwant.comEvents can be tailored to suit personal tastes in timepieces, the locations of hosts, or specific venues such as private clubs or even residences.