Watch Brand Pronunciation

If you’ve ever wondered how to pronounce certain watch brand names then this is the list for you. We’ve looked at some of the best-known brands and assembled a comprehensive list of watch pronunciations.

How to Pronounce Luxury Watch Brands:

Audemars Piguet pronounciation: OH-duh-MAHR PEA-GAYA.

Lange & Sohne: AH Lung-Geh Oohnt Sew-neh

Baume & Mercier: bohm AY mer-SEE-AY

Bedat: bid-UT

Breitling: brEYE-tling

Bulgari: bull-gar-EE

Carl F. Bucherer: Carl F BOOK-er-er

Cartier: Car-TEA-AY

Chanel: Shan-el

Chopard: Show-Par

Concord: Con-cord

Corum: Core-oom

Cvstos: COUS-toss

De Witt: Dah-Wit

Dior: DEE-oar

Ebel: AY-bell

Franck Muller: Fronk MEW-ler

Girard-Perregaux: Jee-rar Pear-ago

Hublot: OOH-blow


Jaeger-LeCoultre: jzhay-jzhair Le-Cool-t

Movado: Moe-vah-doh

Oris: Oris

Panerai: Pun-a-rye

Parmigiani: Par-mi-GEE-ah-NEE

Patek Philippe pronounciation: Pah-tek Fee-LEAP

Philippe Charriol: Fee-LEAP Shar-ee-ole

Piaget: PEE-ah-JAY

Raymond Weil: Ray-mand WHILE

Richard Mille: REE-Shar MEAL

Rolex: Row-Lex

TAG Heuer: Tahg Hoy-er

Ulysse Nardin: YOU-lis Nur-den

Vacheron Constantin: Va-sher-own Cone-Stun-tuhn

Zenith: ZEE-nith