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Split Seconds: Tim's Favorite Watch of SIHH 2018 (HYT H20 Hydro-Mechanical)

#ICYMI On this past Monday's episode of Monday Mailbag, Tim answers a viewer question and discusses the watch he would've taken home from SIHH 2018. Tim Mosso has returned from SIHH 2018, and he's naming names: this segment highlights one of his favorite luxury watches from SIHH 2018. The HYT H20 hydro mechanical lugless watch combines the no-lug case profile and bubble-sapphire of last year's HYT H0 with the haut-de-gamme caliber H201 movement developed by HYT in collaboration with Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi. The hydro-mechanical time display includes a regulator hours/minutes dial with a fluidic display of hours that acts as a snap retrograde every 12 hours; the model features a power reserve of 8 days via manual winding. The HYT H20 will be built in two series of 25 pieces with one example in blue and silver and the other constructed with blackened case and bright green accents. The 51mm round case for each variant is constructed from sapphire and stainless steel. Both models feature a dramatically domed 3-D sapphire crystal that allows easy appreciation of the HYT caliber H201 from any angle. Each of the 50 examples of the HYT H20 will be offered for approximately $100,000 U.S. Watch the full episode here: Split Seconds is our new format for show recaps and shorter form videos. It will include recaps of the previous nights episodes along with throwbacks to older ones. Any questions, comments, or concerns? We'd love to hear your feedback. Hope you enjoy! Please Subscribe: Instagram: BUY WATCHES HERE: