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Once finalized, you will quickly receive payment via wire or electronic ACH transfer. You pay a monthly service fee to keep your contract in force.


Once you repay the amount in your contract – plus any outstanding service fees – we ship your asset back to you fully insured, via FedEx.

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Finance Testimonials

Mark in Chicago

I appreciate your company helping me when I was starting my business and needed funding!

JJennifer in CA

I have been thrilled with your service and, for me, my pieces mean the world to me so it has been so important to work with a company I trust.

Dan in VA

This is my 3rd time using your loan service and if I may give a testimonial…it is great. I love the ease of the processing and the customer service is on point...I have no reservations or regrets about my experiences!!!

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Breitling Navitimer*

Finance FAQ's

How does the transaction work?

A loan from Luxury Asset Capital is a way to get immediate money by using items you already own. Unlike traditional bank loans, there are no credit checks or financial disclosures. We don’t ask for your paystub or any financials. Upon accepting your final offer, we directly deposit money into your bank account, and your monthly service charges are auto-debited. The transaction is painless.
Clients initiate the loan process through a simple inquiry on WatchBox’s website, similar to the process of selling one’s watch. After receiving a free loan quote, the client receives free insured shipping to Luxury Asset Capital’s secure facility. Upon inspection of the watch, Luxury Asset Capital offers financing in amounts up to $5 million USD. Funds can be wired immediately upon agreement of loan terms, and owners can redeem their collateral – watches or other luxury goods – at any time by paying off the loan principal plus service fees incurred.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can get?

Each offer is determined on a case-by-case basis, determined by the value of your watches or luxury asset. Luxury Asset Capital has the ability to fund any loan request and is backed by a multi-billion dollar family office. Loans typically fall into the range of $5,000 to $5 million.

How do you determine the Monthly Service Charges for my asset?

The Monthly Service Charges are determined by the contract amount.

How is my final loan offer determined?

We care about client satisfaction. Our goal is to get you the money you need! Your final offer will be based on the in-house evaluation of your item, which will be conducted by our expert Evaluations Team. Factors that influence your final offer include your item’s current condition, boxes and papers, its market value and real-time pricing data. Our goal is to help you solve your short term financial need.

Do I have to make monthly payments?

Yes, if you agree to a contract with us, the service charge you owe each month will be debited directly from the same bank account you used to receive funds from us.

Do I have to have a bank account to apply for a loan against my item?

Yes. If you conduct a financial transaction through Luxury Asset Capital, you are required to have a US bank account. All transactions occur via electronic funds transfer, between our bank account and yours. The name on your ID must match the name on your bank account.

Are there any extra charges I should expect when doing a transaction?

We are completely transparent and upfront with all costs. When you complete a transaction with us, you will NEVER encounter hidden fees or extra charges. The only possible charges you could incur are if you do not pay your service fees on time, just like other liabilities such as credit cards, auto loans, or home loans. On larger assets like cars, art or real estate, there are certain charges to close the transaction. All charges are listed and explained prior to closing.

Do you provide insurance?

Your item is fully insured during shipment, the entire duration of its loan period, and return.

Do you cover the cost of shipping?


Will defaulting on a loan against my watch affect my credit score?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We do not report to or have any communication with credit reporting agencies. We do not ever ask for or need your Social Security Number. We don't ask for any financials, credit history, or pay stubs.

What are acceptable payment methods?

If you complete a transaction with us, we will electronically deposit money directly into your bank account. The service charges you owe each month will be debited directly from your bank account as well. You must have a US bank account in order to complete a transaction with Luxury Asset Capital.

How is my item stored and secured?

Your item is bar-coded and stored within Luxury Asset Capital's secure vault for the entire duration of its loan period. Our vault is only accessible via biometrics security. The entirety of your items journey is recorded on HD cameras and logged. Every part of the facility is under 24 hour surveillance.


Loans are provided through a partnership with Luxury Asset Capital, a private, family-office-owned lender to high-net-worth individuals families and entrepreneurs in need of capital for their business or personal use.

Luxury Asset Capital provides short-term capital up to $5,000,000, or more, in typically 24-36 hours using a borrower’s luxury assets as collateral. They believe in leveraging past purchases – assets owned free and clear – rather than putting your home, investments, earnings or retirement plans at risk. To learn more please visit www.luxuryassetcapital.com


We are the premier destination for buying, selling, trading, or getting a loan on your luxury watch! If you need access to capital, but don’t want to sell any of your holdings, consider applying for a loan against your watch, or other luxury assets instead. You don’t have to leverage your future by liquidating holdings like stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate when you can leverage the residual value of your past purchases – your luxury assets like watches. By tapping into the value in your luxury assets with a loan, you can avoid the potential tax ramifications and loss of future appreciation when you sell them. Fill out the form on this page or give us a call to learn about how you can get access to the capital you need, without forfeiting access to your luxury possessions.