Pure Ghastly! - Your 101 Watch Pet Peeves - From Patek, Seiko, Rolex, & Everything In Between

People who collect watches or are into horology tend to be very detail oriented, to the point of being overly fussy. This can cause divisiveness within the watch community, specifically when it comes to what we like to buy and collect. There are of course many things that unite us, such as our mutual disdain for fashion, replica or non-geniune watches. However, there are also many things that divide us, like homage watches, how we choose to wear our timepieces, and particular tastes, costs, or styles of watches. At the end of the day, what is important is that we all love horology. Even when looking at the things that drive us nuts about watches, we can all learn something, especially if you are considering buying a new watch. Regardless of whether you buy super luxury Pateks, rare vintage Rolex Submariners, or are a complete Seiko nut, you might just have to watch this first before buying your next watch. For more information and to get your horological questions answered, join our UGWC community on the Facebook group: Instagram: TGV's Tumblr: