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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner 16803 Luxury Watch Review The 1980s rocked. In 1984, you could slam with Van Halen, jam with Def Leppard, and blast Phil Collins on an aftermarket Blaupunkt in your debut-year Ferrari Testarossa. And if you really wanted to live the dream, you'd do all of the above with a Rolex Submariner Two-Tone 16803 on your wrist. Despite three-decades spent forging its rough-and-ready legend, the Rolex Submariner lineup didn't feature a mixed metal option until 1984. When that seminal model finally dropped, it became an instant icon of its era and one of the few truly timeless style statements to emerge from the Decade of Greed. While the gold-stainless tandem was the bait, the radiant blue metallic dial was this 'Sub's hook. More than a third color to enliven the palette, the blue soleil supernova is the star of the show, and there was no bigger stage than Rolex in the 1980s. Ponder this Submariner 16803 in bright light, and it sizzles; roll it through a subdued evening glow, and its glistens like wet candle wax. Add a metallic bezel to match, and the combination transcended the style conventions of the Regan administrations; this one survived into the modern era as a cult favorite. With the arrival of the subdued blue six-digit 116613 Submariner in 2009, Rolex fans mourned the passing of the iridescent blue beast from the days of "Diamond" David Lee Roth. But it's legend endures among collectors of emerging classic Rolex Oyster models. More than a pretty face, the Rolex Submariner 16803 belongs to a significant family of transitional Submariners that defined the modern identity of the watch. This generation, which spanned the 1978-1988 model years (84-88 for the two-tone), introduced the sapphire crystal, unidirectional dive bezel, 300m (vs. 200m) Oyster case, and the contemporary 28,800 VpH movement beat rate that remain central to the identity of the current Rolex Submariner. The 16803 is a vintage Rolex that can be worn with the same carefree nonchalance as a modern watch. See this emerging classic Rolex Submariner 16803 in high resolution images on Video and content by Tim Mosso.