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About Portugieser

The Portugieser line is one of IWC’s most popular and important models. It shares this accolade with its sportier counterpart, the Pilot’s watches. The Portugieser is a rather dressy piece, and it has a few design elements that were present in the original models that are still recognizable in the modern variants. Firstly, these watches are “all dial” in the sense that there is close to no bezel. Looking closer into the dial, you’ll notice the delicate leaf hands, stark Arabic numerals, and at least one sub dial. Some combination of these qualities is the formula for the modern Portugieser watches that IWC manufactures today.

The History of the IWC Portugieser

The namesake of this watch is not specifically to pay homage to the country of Portugal per se. The two men who inspired IWC to create the watch that would go on to become the Portugieser both hailed from Portugal. These two businessmen, Rodrigues and Teixeira, approached IWC suggesting that there was demand for a large men’s steel watch that was highly accurate. Even though the trend was to have watches were closer to 30mm at this time, IWC went forth in creating this larger watch. The original Portugieser used an IWC pocketwatch movement because it would actually fit into its larger 43mm case. This simple Bauhaus design has gone on to last generations and become one of the bedrocks for the historic brand.

What makes the IWC Portugieser so desirable?

One of the allures of the Portugieser line is how simple and elegant the design is. Over the years, a plethora of variations have been released with just about every complication you’d ever desire, and IWC managed to keep the primary, clean aesthetic while incorporating these complications into the Portugieser DNA. Of course, there are some exceptions, but look no further than the symmetrical chronograph variant just to see how classic and versatile the core design is.

Why buy pre-owned IWC Watches and the Portugieser?

Going the pre-owned route is certainly a more affordable path to adding an IWC watch to your collection. As alluded to earlier, the diversity of the Portugieser line means there is an equally diverse pre-owned market of the iconic pieces. There is a Portugieser to fit everyone’s taste. If you are in the market for an IWC Portugieser, Watchbox’s global inventory is the best place to start your search!

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