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10 Rolex Watches in 10 Minutes: Things to Know About the Smurf, Sub No-Date, Batman & More!

10 Rolex Watches in 10 Minutes | Join WatchBox for a ten-minute exploration of ten leading watches from the Crown. Mike Manjos breaks down a range of watches in Rolex’s catalog – both current pieces and discontinued favorites – including the white gold Submariner “Smurf” [116619], the GMT-Master II with a captivating meteorite dial [126719BLRO], and the Sub No-Date [114040]. A platinum Day-Date II with the “Black Out” dial [218206] and the Presidential, a yellow gold Day-Date 40 [228238] make their way into this round-up. Numbers 6 and 7 are staples in Mike’s personal rotation; the GMT-Master II “Batman” [116710BLNR] and the Deepsea “James Cameron” [126660]. Which would be your pick for a daily driver? Next up is a yellow gold GMT-Master II with an “anniversary green” dial [116718LN], and variations of the GMT-Master II “Pepsi” – with a spotlight on the white gold model with red and blue Cerachrom bezel [116719BLRO], introduced at Baselworld 2014. WatchBox’s exploration of favorite Rolex watches wraps up with a black-dialed Sky-Dweller [326934], the most complicated model in Rolex’s current collection. Inquiring minds want to know…what are your top 3 picks from our presentation of 10 in 10? Discover these Rolex watches and more at Please Subscribe: View hundreds of hands-on luxury watch reviews at our WatchBox Reviews channel: Instagram: BUY WATCHES HERE: