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About Blancpain

When it comes to describing Blancpain watches, two words are most often heard – innovation and tradition. Each of these is woven together in the fabric of the brand’s philosophy. In a realm that is far away from the traditional production lines, movement parts are all finished by hand and decorated and assembled by real people, to maintain the horological traditions of this age-old brand.

History of Blancpain Watches

Founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, the initial workshop for this brand was set up in the upper floor of his home at Villeret, which is in present-day Bernese Jura. When he recorded his name in the property register of this municipality, he created the establishment that is now the oldest watchmaking brand in the world. Even in the early years, this watch brand celebrated huge successes. The company was passed from generation to generation, always remaining in the family, and by the mid-part of the 19th century, the House of Blancpain had become the most significant enterprise in all of Villeret. In 1932, family ownership finally ended. Today, Blancpain is owned and managed by the Swatch Group.

What Makes Blancpain Watches So Appealing?

Part of the appeal of the Blancpain brand is the rich history it has and the innovations that have come forth through the decades. Due to the dedication to innovation and always growing the brand, there has been a vigorous expansion of this brand. Blancpain is known for popular collections such as the Fifty Fathoms and Leman. Today, it is a coveted watch brand around the globe and one that is known for precision design, superior timekeeping, and amazing styles.

Why Should You Purchase a Pre-Owned Blancpain Watch?

Purchasing a pre-owned Blancpain watch from WatchBox offers consumers many options they may not otherwise be aware of. The company is dedicated to finding the highest quality pre-owned timepieces to offer to consumers who appreciate the craftsmanship put into these watches. Additionally, thanks to our team of professionals who know the watch industry and this brand specifically, consumers have peace of mind they are purchasing authentic used Blancpain watches in pristine condition, at competitive prices.

Blancpain Pricing Guide

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