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About Hermès

Established in 1837, the French brand Hermès has made a name for itself as a brilliant luxury goods manufacturer, boasting a total of fourteen product divisions including the Hermès watch. Although the brand began producing watches in 1912, they didn’t officially launch the Hermès watch division until 1978 alongside other products like leather goods, accessories, clothes, fragrances, handbags, home goods, jewelry, and more. Since its inception, Hermès has remained dedicated to their core company values—creative freedom, entrepreneurial spirit, independence, and social responsibility. In fact, their key business principles reject mass production, assembly lines, and mechanization as each product and Hermès watch is made almost entirely by hand inside French, mid-size workshops known as Les Ateliers Hermès. Interestingly, they also claim that most pieces are fabricated from end-to-end by one person, helping guarantee quality and uniqueness. In 2008, the brand launched The Hermès Foundation to pay homage to their passion for creativity, supporting and sponsoring craftsmanship endeavors. Today, an Hermès watch is a highly sought after piece beloved by collectors looking for a refined dress watch or women's timepiece.

Learn More About the Hermès Watch

Honoring Thierry Hermès who created high-quality harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade, the brand displays their iconic Duc carriage and horse logo on its Hermès watch packaging. Known for their exquisite design principles, their collections include stand out pieces like the new Cape Cod model, as well as the Heure H watch—a gorgeous ladies piece. Additionally, the remarkable Arceau H Cube Hermès watch is a creative feat of its own, featuring straw arranged in colorful miniature marquetry on the dial. If you’re interested in a sleek and slender Hermès watch, discover the Slim d’Hermès model by reading this article that details its ultra-thin movement and size offerings. As the Hermès watch continues to evolve, they create extraordinarily colorful leather straps for those interested in diversifying their style, and they’ve even joined brands like Tag Heuer by dipping into the smart technology space in 2015. Want to learn more about the brand’s design innovation? Read this article to uncover intricate details about the complex Arceau H Cube dial artistry.

Purchasing a Pre-Owned Hermès Watch

Leading the industry in buying, selling, and trading pre-owned luxury timepieces, we strive to curate an unrivaled collection of watches in near-mint condition. Enjoy the unique opportunity to find a rare Hermès watch brought to manufacture standards before its arrival. And as watch enthusiasts ourselves, we are excited to support you via email, live chat, or over the phone as you add to your collection—contact us to learn more.

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