Valentine’s Watch Giving Gift Guide: What Suits Your Style?

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, which couple are you?

The “Play-It-Safe” Couple

They go to see the newest blockbuster or rom-com every other Saturday night. They frequent seasons 52, where they’ll discuss plans for Sunday over a Cosmo and a Sam Adams. While they may not be the most adventurous of duos, they know what they like, and that’s enough for them. No major risks will be taken, but good times will still be had nonetheless. They don’t necessarily have the best of stories, or the most thrilling adventures, but they’re quite happy regardless.

These two will buy each other matching Rolex Datejusts. His is 36mm on an Oyster bracelet, hers is two-tone, 31mm, on a Jubilee bracelet. They’ll argue that these subtle differences make them more unique, but let’s be honest, these two watches are very standard. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Whitebread is absolutely delicious, and nobody does iconic and classic better than Rolex.

A safe choice, for a safe couple, but a timeless exchange nonetheless.

The “Couple-of-the-Future”

They pull up to the art gallery in their Tesla, looking to acquire a new piece of art for their industrial design kitchen, in their poured concrete and glass mansion set high atop a rocky cliff-face. He’s away most of the week, working at a lab in somewhere in New Mexico, developing high-tech polymers. They’ll skype to communicate during the week, where she’ll ask for his opinion on logos for her new Yoga/Cross-Fit hybrid startup.  The spend their dates practicing molecular gastronomy with their immersion circulator and anti-griddle.

They like to make their own forward-thinking cocktails, with adventurous citrus juices, and ratios measured to the milliliter. Their children speak four languages, and can do more with an iPad than we can with an entire IT department. For Valentine’s day, they will exchange his and hers FP Journe Elegantes. Because nothing is more avant-garde, chic, and futuristic. While the design, and cool-factor is certainly there with these Journes, there’s arguably no quartz watch with more watchmaking chutzpa and panache.

They’ll always be on time, to the second, because this smart quartz movement is always ready, even after stay dormant for a weekend on one of their epoxy nightstands. 

The “Old-Schoolers”

He’s tinkering away in the front yard, under the hood of his 40’s Ford half-ton, just as she rounds the corner in her dead-stock Sears Spaceliner (the basket in the front full of organic, local produce, and ancient grain bread). Their 2 bedroom cottage on 10 acres may have well-water and creaky floors, but the restoration is almost complete, and it’s a spitting image of the ones they’ve researched in archaic back-issues of home magazines from the 50’s.

They like to spend their weekends shopping for and restoring antiques, before returning home to sample their most recent cask of craft-distilled gin. Their utility bill is borderline non-existent, as their wood-burning stove is quite efficient, and the concept of cable is all but laughable. On Valentine’s day, their gifts, wrapped in butcher paper and red twine will contain quite expectable items. She slowly unwraps and opens a vintage Cartier tank, for which he thoughtfully ordered a few extra OEM straps in funky colors. Once it’s his turn, he can barely hide his excitement as he hurries to strap his Heuer Autavia onto his wrist. They know that the vintage watch market can be quite the minefield.

But they’ve both done their research, made sure everything was original, and that the watches were purchased from, and authenticated by, a legitimate source.

Author: Alan Strassler, Client Advisor

Cartier FP Journe Rolex Tag Heuer