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Tell us about your watch with our simple form. The more information & photos you share with us the more accurate the market valuation will be.

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If you like the quote you’ll receive a pre-paid shipping label including insurance. Face-to-face collection can also be arranged.

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Once we receive your watch our qualified watch experts will inspect its condition and authenticity.

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We pay top dollar for luxury watches, with payouts higher than any other online retailer.

Seller Testimonials


Mike .

I bought a pre-owned timepiece from the WatchBox, but it might as well have been new, it was in such pristine condition. It was completely flawless and I was very pleased. The guys at WatchBox were great to deal with!


Jacob Menon

The watch was reasonably priced, shipped immediately, and was in beautiful, perfect condition. You really can't ask for anything more than that. I will keep them in mind for any future acquisitions!


John A.

They are absolutely brilliant, honest, amazing knowledge.


Sean C.

I was very impressed at the professionalism displayed by Watchbox Global. He took time and explained the process of selling my watch.


Caj Q.

The gracious WatchBox staff remained in contact with me throughout the entire process. First-rate service from start to finish.

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Rolex Submariner*
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Panerai Luminor Marina*
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Breitling Navitimer*

Selling FAQs

Where can I find my reference number of my watch?

The first step is to check your paperwork. The reference number can be found on the papers, warranty card and occasionally on the case. If you don’t have access to these documents, some brands include the reference number on the caseback engraving. Occasionally there will be two numbers engraved on the caseback, one will be the serial number (the unique identifiable number for your watch) and the other will be the reference number. Still not sure what your reference number is? Include as many pictures as you can, including the caseback and our team will take a look.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can get?

The amount of money your watch is valued at depends on a few factors: condition, accessories (including box and papers), and the current selling value on the secondary market. 

How quickly will I receive an evaluation?

Once your submission is received by our team, we work on getting you an evaluation within the first 24hours. 

How is my purchase offer determined?

The condition of your watch, any included accessories, and the current secondary market are all factors to be considered when determining the value.

What if I decline the purchase offer?

You are welcome to decline any offer. If the watch has already been shipped to us, we will return the watch to you and cover the cost of shipping and insurance. If the watch is in your possession already, there is nothing more you need to do once you decline our offer.

Can I negotiate my purchase offer?

There is sometimes room to negotiate based on the payment method used for any outstanding payment required or by providing additional supporting information about the watch being traded in.  Please feel free to talk to your Client Advisor to more fully understand the offer and discover if there is any room to create a better deal.

How quickly do I get paid?

After the watch arrives and inspected, we will send your payment within 72 hours.

How does the watch get to WatchBox?

Your Client Advisor at WatchBox will send you a pre-paid, fully-insured shipping label. You will just need to package the watch and take to the closest shipping location.

Do you accept international submissions ?

Yes! WatchBox is a global company with offices currently in the United States, Switzerland, South Africa and Hong Kong. When you submit your watch, you'll be connected with the office closest to you.

How do I pack my watch to ship to you?

Please go to Shipping Information

Why Sell to us ?

WatchBox helps you secure the highest value for your luxury watch.

Our in-house team of certified watch buyers has the expertise and knowledge necessary to understand the true value of your timepiece. As a specialist in pre-owned watches, WatchBox also has its own service center that allows us to service your watch to 'like new' condition, allowing us to maximize the value of your watch. Just complete the WatchBox quote form to talk to one of our experts.