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About DB28

Creativity and functionality blend together with the De Bethune DB28 watch models, creating contemporary wristwatches that add a unique flair to traditional design. Explore the motivations of Denis Flageollet, De Bethune’s creative genius, in this article In Focus: De Bethune DB28 Digitale, or watch our review of the DB28 Black Zirconium, ref. DB28zs8s.

While the Digitale and Black Zirconium are beautiful illustrations of the marriage of ingenuity and creativity, watch collectors can find other fascinating examples in this collection like the DB28 Kind of Blue Z DB28BZBN /S. The brand frequently uses a bold blue to accent their masterpieces, but black accents contrast this vibrant blue casing, dial, and bezel to achieve an eye-catching style. Additionally, red and silver accents can be seen through the dial’s exposed mechanisms, breaking up the color and adding depth. Other favorites include the DB28 Blue Titanium DB28TIS5, which features silver and bold accents with exposed mechanics, or the DB28 Yellow Tones DB28YT, which is beautifully warm, boasting a rich rose gold casing as well as brown, gold, and silver tones.

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