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About Franck Muller

Named after its founder Franck Muller, this Swiss Watches watch brand is renowned for its stunning complications, mesmerizing design, and eye-catching style. Franck Muller’s captivating watches boast an iconic barrel-shape case and Arabic numerals that seem to dance around the dials. Although these pieces appear unique in approach, they remain loyal to the haute horlogerie pillars taught in traditional Swiss watchmaking.

From an early age, Franck Muller took great interest in creative disciplines and mechanical devices, prompting him to study at the Geneva School of Watchmaking. Shortly after graduating, he became one of the world’s top watch restorers, working on coveted pieces from luxury brands like Patek Philippe. Inspired by his passion for watches and obvious creative talent, he began creating timepieces of his own including the first ever exposed, dial-side tourbillon piece in 1984. Finally in 1991, Franck Muller launched his namesake watch brand designing extremely complicated pieces that are truly collection-worthy—dubbing him “The Master of Complications.” Explore other wildly interesting and complicated timepieces when you browse our collections of tourbillon, skeletonn, and chronograph.

Exquisite Franck Muller Collections

Living up to their reputation, Franck Muller watches are among the most complicated and compelling pieces in the luxury space. Despite the brand’s recognition for signature collections like Crazy Hours and Secret Hours, Franck Muller’s earliest pieces are still just as handsome. For example, the Special Limited Edition Chronograph, with only 50 pieces in circulation, is a two-register chronograph featuring a two-tone silver dial and Breguet numerals. Its distinct stainless steel case and stepped concave bezel give a subtle nod to Patek Philippe chronographs of the past, pieces with which Franck Muller is very familiar. When a collector thinks about a Muller piece, perhaps the infamous Aeternitas Mega also rings a bell. At one time, this model was the most complicated watch in the world, featuring 26 different complications and 1,483 components. Interested in discovering more fascinating Franck Muller pieces for both men and women? Peruse our collections of Cintree Curvex, Vanguard, Long Island, and Mariner timepieces.

Purchasing Pre-Owned Franck Muller Watches

Fueled by a passion for innovation, luxury, and authenticity, our team of watch experts strive to provide superior watchmaking service to all—whether you’re buying, selling, or trading a timepiece. As enthusiasts ourselves, we also take pride in our ever-changing suite of pre-owned Franck Muller watches. Browse our unrivaled selection to find the piece that best suits your collection. If you take an interest in watchmaking innovations similar to Franck Muller’s, read this article about the power of necessity and how the watch industry navigates unique challenges.

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