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About Big Bang

The Big Bang embraces the combination of traditional watchmaking and industrial, avantgarde designs. The Big Bang models breathed new life into the brand and has become their flagship product. The porthole-shaped case, integrated rubber strap, and large case diameters give these watches and overall sporty aesthetic which is also aided by the chronograph. Hublot eagerly seeks new ways to incorporate different materials together to make watches that are both attractive and completely unlike the offerings from other brands. This mission is the essence of their “Art of Fusion” tagline, and it is especially evident in their Big Bang models. There is quite an eclectic mix of Big Bangs from a classic steel, to a rose gold and ceramic, to a platinum and carbon fiber, to a case made completely of sapphire.

The History of the Hublot Big Bang

Hublot itself has a relatively short history since their founding in 1980, but that does not mean they were not able to plant an impressive steak and turn some heads since that time. The highly respected watch industry veteran, Jean-Claude Biver, took the reigns as CEO of Hublot in 2004, and a year later the Big Bang was introduced. These watches we designed for a younger generation who wanted a high-end watch but didn’t want it to look like something their grandfather would wear. This was an unmet need in the market that Hublot is still serving to this day. As Hublot continues to pioneer new combinations and develop their own proprietary materials today, they are still using the Big Bang to showcase their new developments.

What makes the Hublot Big Bang so desirable?

The distinctive case shape of the Big Bang is unlike anything else on the market. The porthole design bears a passing resemblance to the Genta-designed Nautilus and Royal Oak, though the Big Bang is still certainly its own thing. It would be unlikely to mistake a Big Bang for any other watch in passing. Despite whether the design speaks to your personal style or not, it is refreshing to see a brand constantly trying to push themselves to innovate further. Few other brands are as experimental with their watches as Hublot is with the Big Bang

Why buy pre-owned Hublot Watches and the Big Bang?

The pre-owned market is the best place to shop for Big Bang watches. The highest barrier to entry when it comes to purchasing a Big Bang (beyond deciding which of the many models to buy) is the price tag. The pre-owned market is certainly the more economical route for collectors, and if you are in the market for a Big Bang, Watchbox’s global inventory is the best place to start your search!

Big Bang Pricing Guide