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About IWC

The heritage of IWC watches is firmly rooted in the American pioneering spirit. Having produced everything from pocket watches featuring the digital “Pallweber” display, as well as women’s and men’s wristwatches, this brand has a long and illustrious history and helped shape the watchmaking industry into what it is today. Worn by movie star Bradley Cooper, and Captain America, Chris Evans, this watch has made it onto the wrist of countless celebrities and into the hearts of people across the globe. Designed from the highest quality, luxury components, individuals, can count on the watch to last, providing decades of precision timekeeping.

History of IWC Watches

IWC was founded by Florentine Ariosto Jones, a Boston-born watchmaker, in 1868 in Switzerland. He utilized the help of Swiss watchmakers, along with modern technology and hydropower that was derived from the River Rhine to manufacture the highest possible quality watch movements. Several years after it was founded, the ownership of this factory was transferred into Swiss hands. In 1880, Johannes Rauschenbach-Vogel purchased the company, and four generations owned and ran it, under varying names. Even though the transfer of ownership from generation to generation, the brand stayed true to the philosophy of the product – Probus Scafusia, which was a dedication to excellence.

What Makes IWC Watches So Appealing?

IWC is known for producing innovative timepieces that are crafted with only the highest quality parts, and that feature beautiful designs. Currently, there are six signature watch families offered by IWC, featuring everything from dress watches to diving watches, all designed and built with the same dedication to excellence as in the very beginning.

Why Buy Pre-Owned IWC Watches?

If you would like to become one of the select individuals of exquisite taste who owns and wears an IWC watch, you should consider buying a pre-owned model. At WatchBox, we are the top global trader, seller, and buyer of these timepieces and provide a wide array of styles and options to consumers around the world. When you purchase from our online store, you will find we offer a huge array of authentic used IWC watches for men and women that are backed by a 15-month guarantee, as well as white glove service.

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