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About Luminor Due

The History of the Panerai Luminor Due

The Luminor Due model line has a rather short history, as it was only introduced to the market in 2016. However, their lineage traces much further back to the original Luminor watches of the 1950s. The Luminor was first introduced in 1950 to meet the needs of the Italian Royal Navy who needed a waterproof watch that was also legible under water. The signature crown-guard was developed as a way to bolster water resistance, and Panerai’s patented lume, Luminor, was applied to the dials to increase legibility.

What makes the Panerai Luminor Due so desirable?

Of course, the main selling point of the Luminor Due models is their slender size. The smaller and slimmer dimensions of the Due open up the door to the many collectors whose wrists were otherwise too small to comfortably wear one of the classic Panerai watches. Also, the Due is available in a wide selection of case materials, dial colors, and strap options!

Why buy pre-owned Panerai Watches and the Luminor Due?

There is a high level of value on the pre-owned market when it comes to Panerai watches. Shopping pre-owned is certainly the most cost-effective way to add a Luminor Due to your collection. If you’re in the market for one, Watchbox’s global inventory is the best place to start your search!

About the Panerai Luminor Due

As the name suggests, the Luminor Due, (Luminor Two), is a progression in Panerai’s classic Luminor line of watches. The Luminor has always been a bold and chunky diver’s watch, and the majority of the current Luminor line has a case diameter of either 44mm or 47mm. Even though these large sizes serve a purpose to make the watch more water resistant and durable, they are also a huge barrier to entry for many collectors. The Luminor Due addresses this problem. The Due is essentially a lighter, thinner, and more refined version of the traditional Luminor case that still maintains the classic elements of the original design. The Due is available in a variety of sizes from 45mm down to a most-welcoming 38mm.

Luminor Due Pricing Guide