About Yacht-Master II

The Yacht-Master II regatta chronograph allows skippers to perfectly time their starts on the water with its programmable timer. Released 15 years after the original Yacht-Master, the Yacht-Master II is a functional tool watch for sailors and watch enthusiasts alike. It’s even famously worn on the wrist of tennis champion Roger Federer. The first Yacht-Master was launched in 1992 and doesn’t feature the regatta chronograph complication seen in the Yacht-Master II. Learn more about the differences between the two models in our expert comparison. The Yacht-Master II is just one of Rolex’s famous models designed for the sea, browse our collections of pre-owned Submariners and Sea-Dwellers for luxury timepieces in near mint condition.

Characteristics and Models

With a 44mm case size and blue Cerachrom or platinum bezel, the Yacht-Master II is certainly an eye-catching model. It’s available in material options such as stainless steel with a Cerachrom bezel, Everose Rolesor with Cerachrom bezel (seen in Reference 116681), 18k yellow gold with Cerachrom bezel, and 18k white gold with a platinum bezel (seen in Reference 116689). The white dial works in contrast with the small blue 10-minute countdown timer and vibrant red arrow. This timepiece is also known for its bezel because it’s only rotatable 90 degrees, and uses a Ring Command system for setting the countdown function. Learn more about this model’s nautical aesthetic in our review of the Yacht-Master II.

The Yacht-Master II is known for its adjustable countdown timer with mechanical memory — a first in the world of luxury watches. The watch’s seconds hand will fly back to the zero mark and the minute countdown hand will fly back to the nearest minute if you hit the reset button. This technical feature draws in professional skippers and those who need to track time alike. In 2013, Rolex updated the model’s movement from the Cal. 4160 to the Cal. 4161. All Yacht-Master II models are water resistant up to 100 meters.

Purchasing a Pre-owned Yacht-Master II Watch

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