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Hublot Big Bang Arctic Camouflage Limited Edition Luxury Watch Review

http://www.thewatchbox.com With this Hublot Big Bang Arctic Camouflage limited edition of 250 units, you can maintain an ice-cold nonchalance while enjoying the exclusivity and whimsical charm of Hublot's third and finest "Camo Series" Big Bang chronographs. Hollywood loves good sequel, and so does Hublot. As the third of the Camouflauge series, the Big Bang Arctic Camo strikes a balance between the weighty connotations of camouflage and the escapist esprit of that Hublot watches are intended to inspire. While some collectors found the "jungle" and "desert" camp Big Bangs too evocative of third-world hell holes and Soldier of Fortune wannabes, the exotic vibe of the Hublot Arctic Camo takes its owner to another place entirely: the silver screen. One glance at the Big Bang Arctic Camo can induce flashbacks to Christopher Nolan's 2010 sci-fi opus "Inception" - particularly the final dream-in-dream-in-dream mountaintop assault. This Hublot looks the part of an A-list movie prop, and it would have been right at home on the wrists of snow camouflage-clad Leonardo DiCaprio and Cillian Murphy during the culminating assault on the ice-bound fortress of that taut sequence. But that's just one example of the kind of imaginative departures one can experience when wearing the Hublot Big Bang Arctic Camo. It's a watch for fun-loving dreamers who live in the moment but love to live that moment "in character." This is a watch for lighthearted weekends when "black tie" means laces on hiking boots and "reports" are restricted to summer fireworks. With its 100m water resistance, automatic winding Hublot HB4100 chronograph caliber, jump date, and versatile rubber strap, the Big Bang Arctic Camo is the kind of watch that goes onto the wrist Friday night and stays there until the Monday morning shower. It's the ultimate weekender. Even better, the ultimate weekender is built from the ultimate tough stuff: black ceramic. Ceramic is the newest arrival in the pantheon of sports watch materials, and its near scratch-proof hardness has endeared it to fans of lasting value. With a ceramic bezel and case, the Hublot Big Bang Arctic Camo laughs at the kind of scratches and scuffs that used to be the bane of PVD "black watches." No more; ceramic is as hale and hardy as the sapphire crystal over the dial, and only diamond can reliably scratch it. See this Hublot Big Bang Arctic Camouflage limited edition and factory accessories in high-resolution photography on www.thewatchbox.com Video and content by Tim Mosso.