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Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Titanium Luxury Watch Review The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Titanium 401.NX.0123.VR has it all. It's the latest 45mm Hublot Big Bang, and it’s one of only 1,000 pieces crafted from motorsports-inspired titanium. What’s under the hood? Naturally, it’s an in-house Unico chronograph movement. And it's signed with the imprimatur of high-performance royalty: Ferrari. Hublot's partnership with Ferrari S.P.A. broke ground with the second-generation Hublot Big Bang in 2012. Bigger, equipped with an in-house movement, and stylized with a full skeleton dial, the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari line instantly atoned for years of misguided co-branding attempts by other watchmakers. Hublot brought a great deal of its own engineering and styling chops to the table for this marriage of luxury extroverts. The Big Bang case, which made its name as a virtual gallery of fused exotic materials, here sports brushed titanium, composite resin, carbon fiber, and natural rubber. The combination is audacious, but Hublot pulls it off with a technical tour-de-force worthy of F1. And Ferrari knows a thing or two about F1 engineering. The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Titanium does justice to its namesake's technical prowess by continuing the theme of innovation within the confines of the hulking brushed “Ti” carapace. The Unico movement packs a 72-hour power reserve, automatic winding, a crisp column wheel function selector, maintenance-free ceramic rotor bearings, and a PVD gray structure that looks as sharp as it operates. It's designed, built, and refined by Hublot expressly for the company's flagship Big Bang and King Power models. The strap is an exquisite color-keyed combination of alcantara technical suede and natural rubber; Hublot's push-button strap release permits 10-second do-it-yourself strap swaps to slap new "tires" on this "Ferrari" when the urge strikes. This Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Titanium is available from with all Hublot Boutique factory accessories including the electronic watch winder, full packaging, manuals, and documentation. See all of the above in high-resolution images on Video and content by Tim Mosso.