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Hublot Big Bang King Palladium Luxury Watch Review All Hublot Big Bangs are sports watches. But this 48mm Hublot Big Bang King Diver Palladium is among the few that can claim to be a true dive watch. Fact is, this Hublot Big Bang King is in a class by itself. How many Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and IWC sports watches boast a full palladium case? Zero. Class dismissed. Hublot builds sports watches, but divers are a special breed, and dive-capable Hublot Big Bang Kings have a unique pedigree within the Nyon watchmaker's catalog. This Big Bang King palladium features the signature Hublot attitude and all of the modern hallmarks of a dive watch including unidirectional bezel, constant seconds indicator, 300-meter (1,000-foot) rated depth, and a high contrast dial. For good measure, Hublot adds a supremely comfortable natural rubber strap, a stainless steel trigger-actuated deployant clasp with palladium insert, and a confidence-inspiring screw down crown to ensure grace "under pressure" when the time comes to hit the reefs. True to its name, the Big Bang "King" includes a burly 95% pure case crafted from palladium, a member of the platinum group. Like other members of this elite molecular clique, palladium features the heft of precious metal with the cool white sheen of platinum and scratch-resistance that surpasses the usual stainless steel of the sports watch class A unidirectional rotating dive bezel in ceramic encircles a clean dial whose high-visibility black/white contrast defines the identity of the Big Bang King dive watch. The polished hour indices out against the matte black of the dial; red elements of the dial provide an ideal flourish of color for a striking tri-color effect. With a bezel crafted from high-tech ceramic, owners are assured that (improbable) scratches and scuffs only reveal another layer of identical black material beneath the surface, and the incredible scratch-resistance of ceramic matches that of sapphire crystals; only diamonds can reliably scratch the kiln-fired ceramic bezel of this Hublot Big Bang King Diver. Inside the cavernous 48mm King Power-sized palladium vault, an Hublot caliber HB 21 Swiss movement provides the motive force to keep beat. With automatic winding, rugged construction, hacking (stop seconds), a 42-hour power reserve, and a jump date, all of the sports watch essentials are present and correct. This summer, hit the beach, the pool, and the road with Hublot’s heavy metal thunder. See this 48mm palladium Hublot Big Bang King in high-resolution images on Video and content by Tim Mosso.