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Hublot Big Bang King Power Ayrton Senna Chronograph Luxury Watch Review

http://www.thewatchbox.com Motor sports and luxury watches are natural match. In the Hublot Big Bang King Power Ayrton Senna Chronograph, Hublot and the Instituto Ayrton Senna pay tribute to the energy and excitement of the late Formula One champion. One of only 500 examples produced, this Hublot King Power features the signature yellow highlights that adorned Senna's race kit and helmet during his three world title campaigns. Motor sports motifs are present in force; a carbon fiber case and bezel; a ceramic bezel guard drilled like an F1 disc rotor; bezel cutouts that recall vented brake members; chronograph pushers in the form of gas and brake pedals. The motor sports theme is more than a surface treatment. Hublot equips this King Power Chronograph with a split-seconds chronograph. A true motor sports complication with the ability to time two events (such as rivals' lap times) at once, the split-seconds chronograph is as entertaining as it is useful. For almost a decade, luxury watchmaker Hublot and the Instituto have issued a series of limited editions in support of the charity's humanitarian work. Limited edition Ayrton Senna Hublot watches are coveted by Senna fans and collectors of luxury watches alike. This Hublot Big Bang King Power Ayrton Senna Chronograph is available from thewatchbox.com with a full factory set of boxes, papers, user's guides and commemorative Ayrton Senna accessories. Even better, this watch recently returned from Hublot factory service and carries an Hublot warranty valid into 2015. Video and content by Tim Mosso.