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Hublot Big Bang Monaco Yacht Club Luxury Watch Review The Hublot Big Bang Monaco Yacht Club is a 44mm tantalum tribute to the Tuiga, flagship and symbol of the Monaco Yacht Club. This limited edition of 500 pieces unites two of the bluechip names in luxury life and leisure. With a unique "stealth" color scheme and the extraordinary heft of exotic tantalum, the Hublot Big Bang Monaco Yacht Club brings "battleship grey" wrist presence to the Mediterranean's hottest luxury destination. Monaco is known for its yachting culture. From the parade of mega-yachts that pack the confines of La Condamine during the annual Grand Prix to the stately vintage sailing vessels of Classic Week in the fall, waterborne glamor is never far from the center of action in Monaco. Hublot's tantalum chronograph celebrates the vintage-1909 international 15-meter class Tuiga, personal flagship of Monaco's Prince Albert II since 1995. The Hublot Big Bang Monaco Yacht Club reads like the evil twin to the 2007 Big Bang Mag Bang. While that special edition was all about light weight, it shared the Monaco's greyscale color scheme. Tantalum makes the difference. It's dark, massive, and adds precious metal heft with Knight Rider presence. On the wrist, the Big Bang Monaco Yacht Club evokes the heft of a yacht's helm before a driving gale. A ceramic bezel with polished Hublot titanium "H" bezel bolts offers a judicious balance of aesthetic highlights and high-tech durability. This is no ragged old dive watch waiting to be scuffed into oblivion: ceramic is virtually scratch proof. Hublot graces the dial of the Big Bang Monaco Yacht Club with comparably comported greyscale details. Shaded hands, indices, and Arabic numerals. Textures, tones, and tasteful understatement impart a quality rarely seen in Hublot watches: discretion. At nine o'clock the burgees of the Monaco Yacht Club keep the central theme front and center. Complementary tributes feature on the sapphire display case back. The silkscreened image of the Tuiga under full sale is accompanied by the year "1909" - the year of the vessel's launch. Individual series numbering confirms this Hublot Big Bang's place among the 500 units of the limited edition. Within the 44mm tantalum case, Hublot fits an automatic-winding chronograph caliber. Its date function, rugged Valjoux-based architecture, and 42-hour power reserve ensure daily durability and "set-it-and-forget-it" was of use. Hacking (stop) seconds permits precise synchronization to a reference time. See this tantalizing tantalum Hublot Big Bang Monaco Yachto Club limited edition on Video and content by Tim Mosso