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Hublot Big Bang Purple Carat 341.PV.2010.LR.1905 Luxury Watch Review

http://www.thewatchbox.com If loud, proud, and unbowed is the essence of Hublot, no watch is more essentially Hublot than the Hublot Big Bang Purple Carat. With 48 baguette-cut amethysts, 18-karat red gold, and a burst of purple flourishes to complete the statement, this Purple Carat is an extrovert gem. Hublot's 41mm Big Bang "Carat" series debuted in 2008 with orange, blue, and purple variants. This example highlights the combination of explosive highlights and thoughtful details that make the Carat series such a blast; this is the ultimate Miami Beach party watch. Hublot is known for style, and the Carat is built for the Type-A personality with a sense of daring. Amethysts amounting to 2.23 carats are the highlight, and Hublot frames them with a rose gold rendition of its signature bezel; titanium "H"-pattern bezel bolts complete the centerpiece of this design. It's Hublot's classic "material fusion" concept updated to include semiprecious stones. Color takes center stage on the Big Bang Purple Carat. Even more than its blue and orange brethren, the Purple Carat has presence. With deep Royal Purple composite flanks and Hublot's signature natural rubber strap, the Big Bang Purple Carat takes no half-measures; the bashful and self-conscious are advised to skip this one. Hublot understands that a watch like the Big Bang Purple Carat is all about smiles, good times, lighthearted fun, and irony. Those who can't crack a smile at a ribald joke, party until 4am, or plausibly claim to be the life of *any* party have no business wearing a watch like this. If, on the other hand, you're the man or woman with the style, panache, and nerve to command the spotlight on the white-hot stage, this Hublot Big Bang Purple Carat is for you. See it in high-resolution images on www.thewatchbox.com Video and content by Tim Mosso.