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IWC DaVinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3750-34 Luxury Watch Review Do you want a single watch that takes the place of five? Good: IWC has your number with the DaVinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3750-34. Part of a legendary series of IWC complications including the original Kurt Klaus-designed DaVinci perpetual and the epic Destriero Scafusia grand complication, this rare reference 3750-34 is an outstanding example of an IWC watch that offers everyday usability AND watchmaking chops rarely seen outside the flagship factory boutiques of haut-de-gamme brands. And here’s the kicker: stainless steel with a black dial. Yes, this IWC embodies the best of all possible worlds… With the kind of compound complexity normally reserved for watches with names like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Blancpain, and Lange, the DaVinci brings complicated watchmaking into the realm of practicality and affordability. Want an automatic-winding chronograph? With a moon phase? And a perpetual calendar... with day, date, month, year, decade, and century indications? Again, IWC brings the goods with its DaVinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3750-34. As long as the name is, that's how much feature content the owner of this watch will enjoy. How many other watches combine the practicality of a chronograph, the refinement of a comprehensive perpetual calendar, and the romantic beauty of a moon phase? Not many under $100,000... And the IWC DaVinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3750 wears like a modern sports watch. Its robust 39mm stainless steel case is sports-watch rugged, and wearing it entails none of the mortal fear of cufflinks and seatbelt buckles that hounds owners of soft precious metal watches. Robust hinge lugs increase the wrist presence and broad-shouldered stance of the DaVinci Perpetual Chronograph. These vintage-style appurtenances remove the unsightly gap between the linear bracelet terminus and the curved flank of the case; they also aid ergonomics by enabling the silken multi-link bracelet to pull down at acute angles in order to ensure a secure fit on smaller wrists. The combination of a black (!) dial, highly legible stick, a sturdy steel case, and a rugged steel braclet means that the DaVinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3750-34 is ready to follow its owner everywhere except the swimming pool. Realistically, that's your cue to strap on an IWC Aquatimer, because with a watch as versatile and fully loaded as this DaVinci, the rest of your collection might be left fighting for scarce wrist time. See this outstanding IWC DaVinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3750-34 in high-resolution images on Video and content by Tim Mosso.