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Jaeger-LeCoulre Master Perpetual Eight Days 40mm Luxury Watch Review

http://www.thewatchbox.com Jaeger-LeCoultre knows complications and high horology. The Le Sentier-based maison known as the "watchmaker's watchmaker" has been the first-choice engineering solution for brands such as Patek Philippe, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, and many others for the better part of two centuries. Naturally, when a firm like that decides to sell a complicated wristwatch under its own marquee, the result will stun. Enter the Master Perpetual Eight Days 40mm. It's a winning combination of a complete calendar and a long power reserve to avoid the delicate process of resetting the displays. Perpetual calendars and eight day movements are house specials at luxury watch powerhouse Jaeger-LeCoultre. The first iteration of this watch was released in 2004 as a 41.5mm case. While technically impressive, the monotone silver visage of the watch, hulking lug profile, and cumbersome case proportions stopped JLC just short of an unqualified success. No longer. this Master Perpetual Eight Days 40mm debuted in 2012 to rave reviews from the Jaeger-LeCoultre purists. Not merely a smaller case, the new Master Perpetual pares the visual mass of the original lugs with a smoothly integrated taper; the silvered dial gains visual warmth and articulation thanks to a dark blue moon phase display at 9 o'clock. This second generation Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Perpetual Eight Days 40mm retains all of the feature content that made the original a value standout. Cognizant of the fact that perpetual calendar owners tend to be collectors with a "rotation" of watches, JLC combines their historic three-barrel "8-Day" base movement (a house special since the 1930s) with one of the world's finest perpetual calendar systems. If a collector cycles through his weekly roster while leaving a conventional perpetual alone, that watch will run out of mainspring wind before its turn in the rotation arrives; resetting a perpetual calendar is never fun, and JLC's massive "reserve de marche" avoids this inconvenience. If the worst comes to pass, and the displays do require a reset, JLC makes the process as painless as possible. Thanks to sister firm IWC, Jaeger makes use of the legendary Kurt Klaus perpetual calendar system. A single pusher on the case flank adjusts each calendar display in coordinated sequence; simply cycle through the dates until you reach the present, and all indicators will move into agreement. Eight days is quite a while, so JLC offers a discreet power reserve gauge at 12 o'clock to remind the owner that the manual-wind mainspring is nearing exhaustion. Immediately adjacent, a "danger zone" indicator with AM/PM display helps to avoid perilous adjustment of the calendar during its period of engagement (roughly 9pm to 3am). This Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Perpetual Eight Days 40mm is available immediately from thewatchbox.com with all factory equipment. Books, papers, packaging, and accessories are included; this watch and associated items present exactly as if they were purchased from a Jaeger-LeCoultre boutique. All is included... all, that is, except the authorized dealer's price premium! Video and content by Tim Mosso.