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Mailbag! HYT H1 vs. MB&F HM7; Invest In A Porsche Omega Watch? Defining High Horology; Vintage Tudor *and* Tonight, Tim Mosso and Jason Mane answer your questions about collecting luxury watches. Tonight's show opens with a showdown between two independent luxury watch brands with big, bold, and blue sports watches; MB&F HM7 Aquapod vs. HYT H1 Air RC44. The first name in funky luxury watches vs. the hydro mechanical watch specialists; Jason decides which watch he would own. We answer a question from a friend of Tim's family who wonders if an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Porsche Club of America limited edition Moonwatch Grey Side of the Moon would be a good investment. We address a user question regarding the true definition of "high horology" and whether it applies to Rolex watches. As it turns out, we don't rank Rolex watched as "high horology," but there is a significant difference between Rolex watches and conventional mass-market wristwatches. Tim tackles technical questions about the lift angle of Valjoux 7750 chronograph movements, and we discuss collecting options for vintage watch enthusiasts seeking to buy vintage Tudor Advisor watches. BUY WATCHES HERE: