The Tradesmen: Making an Art of Work

From DickieBruce.

Even though they build the foundations for our lives, the skilled blue collar worker is not properly dignified in today’s American service based economy.

The Tradesmen: Making an Art of Work is an exploratory social documentary. It will engage the viewer as they watch the vocational lives of several tradesmen and will discuss the issues encompassing the trades in contemporary America. The film features Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s, Dirty Jobs, as well as several other eloquent individuals as they discuss the decimation of America’s infrastructure, the demise of the working/middle class, and the shift to a de-industrialized economy.

The documentary is a real and unflinching look at the lives and work of the modern tradesman and is an exposition into the socioeconomic topics related to the modern blue-collar craftsman.

Directors: Richard Yeagley
Writers: Richard Yeagley
Cast: Mike Rowe, Mike Rose, Judy Lombardi, Joe Lamacchia
Categories: Documentary
Tags: Tradesmen, trademan, trade worker, building trades, construction trades, construction, building, housing, carpenter, carpenters, carpentry, woodworking, wood worker, wood shop, mason, stone mason, brick mason, painter, house painter, decorative painter, sculpter, plumber, plumbers, plumbing, remodelers, green building, remodeling, car mechanic, car mechanics, auto shop

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