Look Up and Wave Your Glove

From MinorHourFilms.


This documentary follows three falconers from their homes in Wyoming up to the remote Montana flats to fly their birds of prey. Falconry is an ancient and somewhat unknown sport steeped in tradition, dating back over 4000 years. It requires considerable dedication on the part of the handler. This obsession and commitment to falconry has in some indirect way affected the most profound life choices the three men have been forced to make in order to quench their thirst for this strange, archaic sport. HANS GABLER was a professor working on the east coast of America before travelling inland in search of better hunting ground. KENNY STERNER was married and had a company before falconry “got in the way” and TONY HUSTON, the director’s father, lived and worked in Hollywood as a successful Oscar nominated screenwriter before giving it up to pursue his passion. Each of the three men’s strong personalities are articulated through the rigorous training and flying of these amazing birds of prey.

URL: http://www.minorhourfilms.com
Directors: Matthew Huston
Cast: Tony Huston, Kenny Sterner, Hans Gabler
Categories: Documentary, Special Interest
Tags: documentary, Matthew Huston, Tony Huston, Hans Gabler, Kenny Sterner, Montana, Falconry, Peregrine Fund

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