Eagles in the Chicken Coop

From Treasureview.

The award winning film Eagles in the Chicken Coop is a hilarious look inside the making of a late-nite "skin flick." After thirteen years of chasing their dream in Hollywood, best friends Armondo and Bill finally receive their first big break when they're offered the chance to write and direct a feature length movie. However, they quickly learn the film is a softcore made-for-TV romance that includes graphic sex scenes they are obligated to shoot. Follow these idealistic artists, their loyal crew and a cast of unlikely characters as they battle studio executives, fumble through shooting sex scenes and struggle to turn the mature movie they've been handed into a love story audiences will believe in.

URL: http://www.eaglesinthechickencoop.com
Directors: Brent Florence
Writers: Brent Florence, Kenny Luper
Cast: Kenny Luper, Kathleen Quinlan, Bruce Abbott, Dwight Ewell, Sara Simmonds, Alex Holdridge, Vincent Young, Chloe Snyder, Bret Haley, Rob Clement, Paula Rhodes, Camille Chen, Cameron Bender
Categories: Comedy
Tags: Love, comedy, documentary, award, winner, nudity, Hollywood, trailer, official, best picture, best director, Bryan Bihari, James Bass

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