Nerd Wars!

From ozis.

Alfonso is the resident class nerd who is quite happy with his status as an intellectual genius. His day is ruined, however, when a new kid arrives to class…Marty, the super-nerd from India. Marty takes no prisoners, and Alfonso quickly finds himself outmatched by the new kid. The rivalry continues in gym class with a brutal game of dodge ball, and finally ends up inA an epic after-school battle. Oh, and don’t forget the romance supplied by Ivanka, (the crazy Russian nerd) and Doris, who firmly believes she is a witch with magic powers.

Directors: Willie Pena
Writers: Willie Pena
Cast: Michael Manuel Pena, Nathaniel Pena, Keira Pena, Alfonso Freeman, Everhet Kokason, Lia Marie Johnson, Allie Costa, Danika Yarosh, Kent Gallegos, Jemal Draco, Sam Greenberg
Categories: Family/Children
Tags: Family, comedy, funny, nerds, wholesome, willie pena, nerd wars

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