Carried Away

From Vanguard.

Ed Franklin, a young man pursuing his dreams in Hollywood, returns home to Texas at Christmas to find his family in turmoil. His parents’ marriage is on the rocks. His younger brother Davy awaits trial for selling drugs. His older brother Steve holds a bitter grudge against him. Worst of all, his beloved paternal grandmother has been committed to a nursing home after suffering a stroke which has left her mentally disabled. In defiance of his father Rex and with Granny’s full cooperation, he abducts her, intending to take her back with him to Los Angeles. Rex, Steve and Davy set out after Ed and Granny in a cross-country pursuit that comes to a surprising conclusion in the Californian desert.

Directors: Tom Huckabee
Writers: Tom Huckabee
Cast: Juli Erickson, Gabriel Horn, Mark Walters
Categories: Comedy

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