The Enemies You Keep

From Arris_Pro.

Jake, a small time street hustler finds himself face-to-face with Death in his apartment while hiding from his recent mistakes on what seems to be a normal night. As Death engages Jake in a game a chess he is also engaging Jake in a game of mental struggle with his past through a series of flashbacks. Jake struggles with the inevitable as he comes to terms with Death himself.

Directors: David Damen //
Writers: David Damen //, Levy Levi
Cast: Dan Nier, Cristoffer Carter, Chelsea Anders, Stephanie DeAngelis, Jeff Potts, Trevor Mack, Rotten Belly Micheal, Tony Bumgarner, Giovanni Santiago, Yavin Ali of R&B, Chris Deniro, Stephanie Revilla, Ed Haynes, Kevin M. Kennedy
Categories: Thriller
Tags: thriller, drama, short film, action, black and white, short, death, Jake, dan, arris, dark film

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