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Wes Chandler (Jim Dougherty) is an aspiring filmmaker whose chance encounter with police detective Ron Leach (Thomas J. Smith) seems like a golden opportunity at first glance: an opportunity that quickly spirals into something much more harrowing.

Desperate to breathe new life into a failing movie he's producing, Wes approaches Ron for assistance with his dying film. Ron agrees in exchange for Wes' help with a little known project of his own.

While attempting to honor his end of their deal, Wes discovers that Ron is really a depraved cop with sinister motives. Both men are willing to do whatever it takes to win a game of cat and mouse that leads to Wes's ever increasing struggle to protect his family.

URL: http://www.leachthemovie.com/
Directors: John Taylor
Writers: John Taylor
Cast: Raymond Kester, James Copeland, Jim Dougherty, Thomas J. Smith, Libby McDermott, Jim Hunter, Gemma Gould-Dougherty, Randy DeFord, Leland Franklin, Mitch Ross, Adam Shephard, Larna Smith, Matt Stahley, Dee Stotts, Rhonda Tinch-Mize, Martin Allen Stapleton
Categories: Drama, Thriller
Tags: thriller, drama, Suspense, indie, twists, cat and mouse

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