I Can't Marry You

From FYI Film Productions.

The updated 2012 version for "I Can't Marry You" documentary, narrated by Betty DeGeneres and featuring Zach Wahls, author of "My Two Moms," explores same-sex marriage issues through the personal experiences of twenty gay and lesbian couples who have been in long-term relationships of 10-55+ years.

"I Can't Marry You" was the first documentary about gay marriage when it debuted in 2004. Now that gay marriage is at the forefront of public consciousness and a hotly debated political topic, this updated version of the documentary is more relevant than ever. This film puts a human face on the issue, and is a powerful, persuasive, and engaging tool for educating the public about one of the most crucial civil rights issues of our time. Produced and directed by Catherine Gray.

URL: http://www.icantmarryyou.com
Directors: Catherine Gray
Writers: Robert Rosenthal
Cast: Betty DeGeneres, Zach Wahls
Categories: Documentary

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