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"Bucharestless" is a city-vérité conceptual movie shot in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. With an outside-the-box cinematic perspective, a full-encompassing soundtrack, a sequential narrative approach and no dialogues, the film slices through the urban soul and the contemporary spirit of a city formerly known as "Little Paris".

Sequence List (Soundtrack):
01. Intro (A Dog's Life)
02. Genesis Panorama (Gardens of Contemplation)
03. Creatio Faber (Subtle Infinitive)
04. Isolatiobservatio (Benuances)
05. Interactio (Connections)
06. (Non)Simbiosis (Contrasts)
07. Rein (Water Curtain)
08. Amoresis (Petals of Innocence)
09. Panta Muove (Berhythm)
10. Spirito Ludens (Like a Walk in the Park)
11. Imagosis (Sky Breeze)
12. Singulatio (Boulevard of Solitude)
13. Tempus Morphis (Time Stamp)
14. Exploris (Baby Steps)
15. Inexplicit Mysterium (Nocturnae Selenaris)
16. Outro (Still a Dog's Life)

URL: http://www.KeepMovieng.com
Directors: George Dorobantu
Writers: George Dorobantu
Cast: Music composed by Lex Dumitru
Categories: Special Interest
Tags: Romania, Urban, Bucharest, spiritual, experimental, essay film, conceptual film

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