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Everyone Knows What A Film Festival Is All About, Right? WRONG!

You’ll find out exactly how things happen as Parker picks a surprised Margaret to help document this new-born film festival. The ensemble office staff, including Melissa McMeekin (The Fighter) and Bill Doherty Jr. (Love Hurts / Toothbrush), prepares Margaret for her journey. She will be interviewing the winning directors of the films picked for the first annual festival while practicing on the office staff before she treks across the country- on a bicycle.

From opposite ends of the United States, Margaret played by Linda M. Vuong (Zookeeper) and the janitor/boom operator played by Chris Hollyfield (Bull Run / Hell Date) meet the strangest film directors ranging from a deaf documentarian, a self-obsessed photographer, a bi-polar dancer, an abusive religionist to aself-proclaimed ‘artist’.

If these situations don’t make your jaw drop, they’ll make you cringe from the awkward stares and uncomfortable rants. Or could it be the giant ensemble of characters behind those insane directors?

Festival is a quirky ride filled with some unexpected twists and turns sure to make you fall over in laughter. Writers & Directors Brett Leigh (The Social Network) and Michael R. West have made a memorable cult classic that will shed some light on what filmmakers really think happens behind the scenes of a film festival.

URL: http://www.festivalthemovie.com
Directors: Brett Leigh, Michael R. West
Writers: Brett Leigh, Michael R. West
Cast: Brett Leigh, Michael R. West, Tara Brooke-Watkins, Daniel Shea, Gary Bosek, Melissa McMeekin, Bill Doherty Jr., Matt Surette, Megan Phelps, Carol Drewes, Andrew Gerst, Chaseedaw Giles, Chris Hollyfield, Linda Multer, Olena Miner, Linda Vuong
Categories: Documentary, Special Interest
Tags: festival, comedy, documentary, festival the movie, mockumentary, film festival

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